Whatever happened to Adam Arotti?

Adam Arotti has disappeared and I am sad.

Adam, author of biblical and talmudic erotic and orthodox taboo stories, has been around for a while, writing his unique erotic prose, interspersed with erudite commentary based on rabbinic sources, but now the only place he can be found is in the stories he has left on Jewrotica.

window-1231894_960_720I first discovered Adam’s absence when I went to drop him a shana tova email – and the email bounced back! So I searched online – and to my (unpleasant) surprise I quickly learnt that his Amazon presence had been erased, his social media profiles deleted …he was gone!

Sorry to see you go Adam. You and your contributions will be missed. I hope your your choice to step away from writing Orthodox erotica was as a result of good things and that life is treating you well.

For everyone else, enjoy Adam’s stories on Jewrotica while they are still available.