Welcome to the home of Shosha Pearl’s stories of love, sex, romance and yearning, all of which have Jewish themes and deal with ideas and plots that are –  technically, at least – permissible by Jewish law.

Most, but not all, of the stories are focused on intimate moments in the lives of religiously observant Jewish women and men. They are fictional reflections of the erotic beauty and desire that can exist even in the most Orthodox home.

Take a look around the site and feel free to come back to me, Shosha, with comments. And please enjoy the stories, because while your rabbi may not encourage you to read them (I hope he will!) you won’t have to worry about stumbling across ideas or plot developments that conflict with (mainstream) halacha.

Happy reading!

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What would you do with a single, religious woman whose libido is on fire?

Reeva Lipman is a divorced mother of three with a sex drive that is making her crazy. When Aaron Roth reappears in her life, home after years away, they click immediately. Smart, gorgeous and widowed, Aaron ticks all of Reeva’s boxes. But while Reeva is ready to explore her sexuality, Aaron is bound by vows he has made. Can they find a way to meet in the middle?

Touched is the first book in a four-part series that explores the sexual awakening of Reeva Lipman, a beautiful, frum divorcee. Sign up now to stay informed.

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Esther is a rabbi’s daughter, a rabbi’s wife, a teacher, and the mother of three young children. She is also more than a little fascinated by the young married couple who live in the apartment across from hers. When, late one night, she accidentally witnesses her neighbors having sex, Esther’s life is turned upside down. Hit by a sudden and inescapable sexual awakening, Esther must navigate the chaos that pursues her marriage, her husband and, most of all, herself.


Short Stories

The Fringes of Memory

It was exactly as I had left it, folded neatly and wrapped in white tissue paper, stored at the top of a plastic crate in my basement.

Before the Canopy

Rachael stood at the window and inhaled the warm breeze that danced into her room, toying with her hair, still faintly damp, its ends clumped together in bonds of moisture.

Let’s Bench

I didn’t think he would go home. He stood at the door with his jacket hung carelessly over his arm and talked to you like he was never going to leave; like you were the only two people in the world; like it was his home, not mine.

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